Thursday, August 30, 2012

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Tuesday, September 29, 2009


That is what comes to mind with I realize that I do not post on here. Life goes by so fast that I seem to wonder where a month went when I blink. I am loving it but cant share just how much.
So in the last two months we have enjoyed summer, beach trips, park slides, museums, the zoo and best of all being together with all our kids.
School was a major hurdle and we finally make the big decision and Myles started kindergarten in a charter school. Nervous we were but what a fantastic decision and a great group of parents. A new school that has parents lined up to help in the class room is such a relief. I loved working with the kids at the end of the color week. After a week of working on colors they all got assigned a color and brought a food related to it. We had red so we made red cupcakes. Some of the foods were red strawberry, brown chocolate dipped strawberry, blue jelly bean, green pea (ok not a favorite), orange carrot, green grape, black olive. It truly was fun watching the kids change tables. I even got some great pictures.
We moved right into the Jewish new year and each year we talk about the services and say how it is the best. They seem to really impact you more and more as the years go on. If only my kids would appreciate it now as much as they will when they get older. Then came the day that seems to impact me the most. Yom Kippur our day to reflect. I sat there listening and the Rabbi said to take a moment to pray for someone close to you that may be ill or having hard times. I started crying as I thought of the tough times we have been having the last few months and then it hit me. I am sitting next to a man who has been a part of my life from the beginning. A dear friend of my parents. I felt guilt for being wrapped up in my self and that this was a day to put prayers and energy outside myself. This man is losing his wife. They wanted to send her home just days earlier on hospice. She is fighting the battle but the hurdles are huge. I realized though my hurdles seem so big some days they are always withing reach. Appreciate more of what you have.
And the speaker this year was the president of Bulgaria. He came to share with us why they were the only country to not follow orders and instead of filling box cars with thousands of jew and send them to their death they as a country stood fast and refused. Why we asked did you country refuse when all the rest gathered them and sent them to their death. He replied " Why not they were our neighbors, friends, class mates". It is told that 40,000 jews were saved because one country refused to follow the orders and sent empty box car after empty box car.
Today I am thankful for those who stood up to the evil and did not sacrifice their morals give up their friends and neighbors and saved so many lives. Thankful that I have such a wonderful family to begin another new year with. And thankful to have the mind to grow and make more of this year than I did in the past.
Happy New year and may yours also be full of rich growth, happy days and good health.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Expensive lesson learned

It started with the first call at work that the dog was having a heart attack. I asked for a description and said it sounds like seizures get him the the hospital. Why does it never happen on a week day.
The puppy is 7 months old and having one seizure after another and we have no clue why but two scared little ones. Of course they hit you with $500 for shots and to stop the seizures. Then the questions trying to figure out what is going on.
Turns out the medication they put my son on for 9 months (which we have not gotten down him yet) ended up on the floor. My husband thought he picked it up but guess what the side affect is if the dog gets it. Massive onset of seizures and death. So I ask over and over did you pick it up? Are you sure you put it in the sink?
Did you know there is a poison control for animals?
I am on the phone in the emergency pet clinic and told to call. It says if your pet is having seizures hang up and go to and emergency clinic. Umm I am at one and they are telling me to call?
The estimates went up to almost $2000. Of course they put anything and everything they could think of on that list.
The antidote was not even at the clinic. I went to the hospital at 9:30 at night and told the emergency room that I needed to pharmacy. The possible cure was at the hospital and they were kind enough to help.
So said puppy is now home scared to death. Very tired from the seizures and the drugs used to stop them. Where is the medicine we are suppose to give my son? In the cabinet until I convince myself to try again...

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Warm Days

This so far has proven to be an amazing summer with my family. We make the most of our days and more of our nights. How fun life can be when you make the most of it with your children.
So what have we been up to? Down right fun.. and so much of it that we are exhausted daily. From working in the garden, trips to the park and of course the wonderful beach..

We have gone to the movies and visited friends..

Yes school starts in less then a month and I will have one entering 12th grade and one entering Kindergarten.

How life will change yet again so for now we just enjoy...

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Tooth Fairy

Yes my forgotten job has returned. So I broke out the best of the best and my 21 yr old wanted to know why no dust was left for her. Fairy dust that is and it is not easy to photograph. This may be because only those who have lost the tooth are able to see it? So here is what the tooth fairy has left

Said tooth has earned my little man $1.00 and a trip to the toy store for a tooth well taken care of and in good condition.

Mom I am not a kid anymore...

Today it seems is when my son thinks he is no longer a kid. Hey I am a grown up look.

This is while he tells me to also take him to the doctor so he can get one more shot(the same kid who was terrified of shots) so he can start kindergarten. Boy they grow up to fast.

Summer has been great so far with a lot of pool time

We are growing our own veggies and loving it. So far we have zucchini and egg plant. The corn is growing as well as the tomatoes. Watermelon seeds have leaves and the cucumbers are sprouting. This has been so fun for us all.

And a new addition to the family. She is a osicat and as sweet as can be..

Friday, June 19, 2009


That is what it seems Sierra needs when Myles is not done reading, looking or eating what his sister wants.
So today we stood in line to buy their cousins birthday gift. Myles found a book and wanted to share with me how the kitten meows. This is when Sierra gained interest and screamed for the book as it was hers. Myles looks up at me and say mom Sierra needs more patience. I wanted to ask if they sold it in the store as I had run so short of it today.
Reason one of being exhausted. A beautiful dog who gets me up at 5:30 each day as the neighbor fires up his new motorcycle. Yes she flips and I was sure was on her way out the bedroom window. This window is 3 stories up.

Another good reason I do not sleep is lack of room in my king size bed.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Postive.. Yes a big fat positive

What a week. My daughter would tell you that this only happens in my house.

I have taken a full time job for now to get benifits. So that means I am now getting benifits for doing the hours I have been doing. This is a good thing. So a positive right?

And my sons t.b test a big fat positive. Yep they require the test to enter kindergarden and his is positive. So x-ray done and he is fine it is not active and my never have been. Now comes the fun part. We all had to get tested and 24 hours later we are happy to report nothing on anyone (ok it takes 3 days I know). Did you know the health department is called? My delema is they want him to take a pill once a day for 9 months. Are they kidding I forget vitamins argh.

So a bit stressed and I get a call today from my older daughter telling me to call Myles and see what is new. My baby is losing a tooth. He was getting his last teeth in when he was brought in that room 4 years ago and now he is starting to lose teeth. Slow this train down.

Oh and thanks to a dear friend for updating her blog. I loved it so much I jumped on the wagon and did a bit of tweaking.

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