Monday, August 03, 2009

Expensive lesson learned

It started with the first call at work that the dog was having a heart attack. I asked for a description and said it sounds like seizures get him the the hospital. Why does it never happen on a week day.
The puppy is 7 months old and having one seizure after another and we have no clue why but two scared little ones. Of course they hit you with $500 for shots and to stop the seizures. Then the questions trying to figure out what is going on.
Turns out the medication they put my son on for 9 months (which we have not gotten down him yet) ended up on the floor. My husband thought he picked it up but guess what the side affect is if the dog gets it. Massive onset of seizures and death. So I ask over and over did you pick it up? Are you sure you put it in the sink?
Did you know there is a poison control for animals?
I am on the phone in the emergency pet clinic and told to call. It says if your pet is having seizures hang up and go to and emergency clinic. Umm I am at one and they are telling me to call?
The estimates went up to almost $2000. Of course they put anything and everything they could think of on that list.
The antidote was not even at the clinic. I went to the hospital at 9:30 at night and told the emergency room that I needed to pharmacy. The possible cure was at the hospital and they were kind enough to help.
So said puppy is now home scared to death. Very tired from the seizures and the drugs used to stop them. Where is the medicine we are suppose to give my son? In the cabinet until I convince myself to try again...

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