Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Postive.. Yes a big fat positive

What a week. My daughter would tell you that this only happens in my house.

I have taken a full time job for now to get benifits. So that means I am now getting benifits for doing the hours I have been doing. This is a good thing. So a positive right?

And my sons t.b test a big fat positive. Yep they require the test to enter kindergarden and his is positive. So x-ray done and he is fine it is not active and my never have been. Now comes the fun part. We all had to get tested and 24 hours later we are happy to report nothing on anyone (ok it takes 3 days I know). Did you know the health department is called? My delema is they want him to take a pill once a day for 9 months. Are they kidding I forget vitamins argh.

So a bit stressed and I get a call today from my older daughter telling me to call Myles and see what is new. My baby is losing a tooth. He was getting his last teeth in when he was brought in that room 4 years ago and now he is starting to lose teeth. Slow this train down.

Oh and thanks to a dear friend for updating her blog. I loved it so much I jumped on the wagon and did a bit of tweaking.

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MotherMotherOcean said...

very freaky. Talk to Lisa. She just had to deal with this.

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