Friday, June 19, 2009


That is what it seems Sierra needs when Myles is not done reading, looking or eating what his sister wants.
So today we stood in line to buy their cousins birthday gift. Myles found a book and wanted to share with me how the kitten meows. This is when Sierra gained interest and screamed for the book as it was hers. Myles looks up at me and say mom Sierra needs more patience. I wanted to ask if they sold it in the store as I had run so short of it today.
Reason one of being exhausted. A beautiful dog who gets me up at 5:30 each day as the neighbor fires up his new motorcycle. Yes she flips and I was sure was on her way out the bedroom window. This window is 3 stories up.

Another good reason I do not sleep is lack of room in my king size bed.

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Julie said...

Love the pretty new blog! What's the new job? Life is never dull at your place, that's for sure!

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